Revenue Enhancement by Optimizing the Utilization of Resources and CSO Engagement in Local Governance (RESOURCEGov)


The implementation of the RESOURCEGov Project (Phase 1) proved that certain governance issues can be addressed at the local level. This has been demonstrated by the results of the project’s external evaluation which indicated an increased participation of CSOs in local governance, particularly in planning, budgeting and monitoring of LGU performance and projects/budgets using transparency tools, systems and mechanisms such as ODK/Qlik, LITS, CSIS and CSO desks. Evaluation results have also shown that the project has helped improved the local capacities of partner LGUs to increase their local revenue collection through ODK-based tax mapping, updating/drafting of revenue/investment and economic enterprise codes and streamlining of business processes. Instrumental to the success of the project is the partnership and active engagement of the DILG, DBM, LGUs and CSOs in the target areas.

With these encouraging gains, the project seeks to share/replicate these replicable practices on good local governance to other LGUs and CSOs in Mindanao while sustaining its high impact intervention to the existing partner LGUs/CSOs in the region. Hence, this RESOURCEGov Phase 2 project, which is supported again by the European Union.

Project Details

Overall Objective/Impact

To improve local governance, performance and service delivery of Local Government Units (LGUs) in the marginalized communities of Mindanao.

Specific Objective/Main Outcome

To enhance local capacities, systems/mechanisms and policies of 56 LGUs in Mindanao on local revenue generation, budgeting, monitoring and CSO participation in local governance.

The Key Interventions

  • Capacity Building/Systems Support on
    Tax mapping/business inventory (ODK/Qlik)
  • Project/budget monitoring (ODK/Qlik)
    LGU performance monitoring (CSIS/ODK)
  • Legislative tracking system (LITS)
  • CSO participation to local budget process

The Target Groups/Beneficiaries

  • 56 Local Government Units
  • 14 CSO Federations/Desks / 241 CSOs

The Project Duration

36 Months (November 1, 2017 – October 31, 2020)

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