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Thematic Commissions and Programs

Environment and Economic Development

The Economics and Environment Commission (EEC) is created to define the general framework for development of the Coalition in terms of economic and environmental sustainability. The EEC is also tasked to study, assess and formulate specific policy advocacy, recommendations and positions concerning economic and environmental issues that affect Mindanao.

Further, the commission shall: (a) consolidate information on the economic initiatives of the member networks/industry-based database; (b) create a database of available products offered by MINCODE members; (c) formulate a guideline and recommendation that will raise and improve the economic capacity of the coalition and its member networks through sustainable use of resources; (d) convene conferences to promote Mindanao industries/products; and (e) develop consortium type projects.

Politics and Governance

The Politics and Governance Commission (PGC) is tasked to formulate the coalition’s policy on constructively and actively engaging the government and other stakeholders towards a more meaningful and empowered participation of the CSOs and their partner sector in governance.

It aims to institutionalize transparent, accountable and participatory governance mechanisms that would result to better service delivery especially for the underserved sector. The Commission shall focus on the following: (a) formulate a framework of engagement; (b) constructively engage with the government; (c) develop a database and information and educational campaign materials; and (d) formulate program of development and resource mobilization.

Peace and Multiculturalism

The Peace and Multiculturalism Commission (PMC) is created to define the general framework of the Coalition on peace and development in Mindanao.

It shall undertake the following: (a) formulate a Peace framework of engagement; (b) engage the Government framework and Mindanao Peace situation; (c) develop a database and Information and Educational campaign materials; (d) formulate program of development and resource mobilization; and (e) conduct peace initiatives and popularize the peace process.

Membership and Coalition Strengthening

The Membership Commission (MC) was created during the 4th quarter council meeting held last December 20, 2010. The commission was formed as a response to the need of strengthening the network and its members and mainstreaming different cross-cutting issues and concerns particularly gender and development. As the broadest coalition of development NGO networks in Mindanao, MINCODE is currently facing some challenges. These challenges include: (a) The need to institutionalize a mechanism that will regularly monitor the status of member networks and vice-versa; (b) No regular fund source that can assist member networks; (c) There is a need to identify and further strengthen the “servicing functions” that the coalition can provide to its member networks; and (d) Improving and enhancing the communication and coordination between and among member networks.

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