In time for the Social Development Week Celebration 2022 and the 7th Congress of Civil Society Organizations in the Philippines, MINCODE co-hosted an e-Talk Learning Session entitled “The Journey for Peace Continues: The Bangsamoro in Transition”. This was held via Zoom on October 26, 2022.

The learning session discussed issues and concerns about the work for peace and sustainable development in the Bangsamoro. The conversation also revolved around the significant role of civil society organizations in ensuring peaceful and inclusive Bangsamoro governance.

The session started with excerpts from an earlier presentation made by Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) Deputy Speaker Atty. Laisa Alamia highlighting the opportunities during the political transition, key developments for women in BARMM, initiatives for transitional justice, and the BARMM electoral code.

Ms. Fatima “Shalom” Allian, Program Manager of Nisa Ul Haqq Fi Bangsamoro (Women for Truth and Justice for Bangsamoro) also shared her presentation entitled “Nurturing the Peace Dividends: Women Peacebuilders, Transitional Justice, and Bangsamoro Electoral Code”. She presented the meaningful and productive work by civil society organizations (CSOs) as they journey with the peace process for the Bangsamoro. She shared the struggles as well as gains for peace in BARMM and candidly pointed out some tips for CSOs who may be interested to engage with BARMM’s Government of the Day.

During the Open Forum, BTA Member and Minister of the BARMM Ministry of Social Services and Development Atty. Raissa Jajurie joined the conversation and graciously shared her knowledge and insights on the BTA deliverables and priorities by 2025, and opportunities for political participation by Bangsamoro citizens in the forthcoming elections. She also encouraged citizens and organized groups both in BARMM and outside of BARMM to actively engage and support the transition process. In response to an inquiry on underrepresentation of Tawi-Tawi, MP Atty. Jajurie emphasized that the current BTA Members are expected to keep the best interest of the Bangsamoro people in mind rather than their own personal affiliations.

In closing the session, MINCODE Chairperson Ms. Andrea Maria Patricia M. Sarenas thanked the resource persons, honored guests, and participants for gracing this learning session on the Bangsamoro which contributed to enriching our collective understanding and encourages us to continue to support the Bangsamoro because indeed, the journey for peace continues.

For more information and for any inquiries, please contact the MINCODE Secretariat.

To watch the replay of the e-talk learning session, you may go to this link: